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Metarhizium Anisopliae
Product Description:
Metarhizium anisopliae is a new microorganism pesticide formulation
with broad spectrum, natural enemy protection and environment safety.
As the active ingredient, CQMa128 conidia and mycelium of Metarhiz-
ium anisopliae can penetrate the body wall of the insects, infect in the
way of contact poison and finally kill various subterranean pests such
as scarab larva. The spores and mycelium of it also can multiply in the
internal of the pests and germinate spores in the external of the pests.
When the environment condition is proper, they can infect the pests
again and achieve the sustained control of plague of pests.
Active Ingredient: 1×1010 green muscardine fungus spores /g
Appearance: dark green particle with oil slick as protection
Target Crops: peanut, potato
Target Pests: grubs such as holotrichia oblita, holotrichia parallela, anomala corpulenta, nematode, wireworm, black cutworm and other subterranean pests, kinds of maggots.
Take use of it after 400-600 times dilution. Use common sprayer to irrigate roots with 3.75kgs /hectare( Active ingredient: 1×1010 spores /g ).

black cutworm 

chive maggot



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